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No Hidden Fees

We don't have any hidden fees. You will pay for delivery, pick-up, and the storage container rental without any additional fees. We also charge sales tax when applicable, but that's it.

We want the to make the process of buying or renting storage containers online to be easy.  You are guaranteed a simple and smooth transaction with payments secured by Stripe with all purchase processing managed on a separate site with industry leading security. If you have any questions, please contact us; we are happy to assist.



Norlift provides high quality portable storage containers to anywhere in the Northwest. Our high security storage containers are a great solution and can be used for multiple applications, offering instant and inexpensive space to your site. 


  • Monthly rentals
  • Long term rentals (six months or more)

We are flexible and work to accommodate your needs.


Interested in buying? We also sell new and used shipping containers.  We deliver to all areas in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

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Containers need to be on level, solid ground. Container doors will not function properly on uneven surfaces. We will use discretion when delivering units and make a judgment on whether feasible to drop.


  • 20' Container - Needs 80' of straight pull away space
  • 40' Container - Needs 120' of straight pull away space