Here's just a small sampling of projects completed with our partners over the years.



Candlelighters supports families who are impacted by childhood cancer. They work with families through discovery, diagnosis, treatment, and remission, and help with many other issues. Each year thousands of creative and committed community volunteers like you spearhead innovative fundraising projects and special events to raise funding, support and awareness for the many children and families we help.

Norlift is proud to support Candlelighters' mission by participating in the Ride for a Child program. Additionally, six current and former employees have ridden Cycle Oregon in honor of sponsored children to raise awareness with Ride for a Child.


Widmer has made significant strides to reduce their carbon footprint to be a leader in the green movement while providing excellent beer! To further the cause, they employ a fleet of electric forklifts from Clark and Doosan.


Galvanizers experienced the safety benefit of the Linde Hydrostaic Drive.  This drive motor is unlike a mechanical drive because the motor drives a pump. It passes on power via a closed oil circuit to each hydraulic motor to the drive wheels. The pedal controls ensure the forklift moves either forwards or backwards. If the pedal is released, the vehicle stops: brakes are unnecessary. This feature saved an employee from serious injury when they were nearly struck by a forklift. Had the forklift been a brand other than Linde, it would not have stopped in time and injured the employee.


We have maintained a great relationship with Exterior Wood!  They purchased their first Linde forklift in 1995, and it is running smoothly 30,000 hours later. Exterior Wood's current fleet is north of 25 Linde forklifts. They value the longevity and low cost of ownership of the product.


Aside from being the best bike ride in America, Cycle Oregon also has material handling needs to store trailers, stages, tents, and other equipment while they are planning the next route. We have enjoyed working with Cycle Oregon and are excited to sponsor the upcoming 2016 week ride!


Far West Recycling, Inc. is a great example of a very unique forklift application.  The recycling business can be a harsh environment for material handling equipment, and their Linde forklifts have proven to be an excellent solution, allowing for maximum high productivity, up-time, and low cost of ownership.