Model: Series 1101 (EW 27 / 36)
Capacity: 6000 lbs to 8,000 lbs


Maximum operator comfort and productivity are major design criteria for this series. A large, fully cushioned platform combined with uncompromisingly rugged structural design, makes these the most reliable trucks in the market. User friendly touch surface and fiberglass reinforced polyurethane ensure that all contact areas are comfortable for the operator.


The series features all seam welded unitized construction. Plate steel, contoured to shape, for rigid strength, provides maximum durability and protection for all vital truck components. Frame and forks are joined by heavy duty ā€œLā€ brackets, welded into a rigid unit. The battery compartment is an integral part of the chassis and fork assembly, adding even more strength to the frame.


Trucks are available for single and double pallet transport. Fork lengths for triple pallet applications are available on special request. Formed, as well as channel material, are used to optimize strength and rigidity. All forks feature wide skid bars, sloped toes, and pallet entry rollers for superior performance.


High tensile strength, 1ā€ thick, solid steel tie bars are the main component of the lifting system. These bars connect load-wheel and lifting brackets, lasting for the life of the truck without adjustment. Load-wheel shackles resting in a 7ā€ wide bearing block are able to withstand impacts caused by rough surfaces, for maximum performance and durability.


The top mounted operator control handle is made of heavy-duty die cast aluminum. Soft touch accelerator twist grips govern travel direction and speed and turn back to neutral automatically once released. All controls can be operated by using one hand. On EWR units, a second set of hydraulic controls are located in the operator grab bar.


All EW/EWR trucks feature a 24 volt, high power, AC drive motor. This high performance motor allows for maximum productivity and excellent reliability. Extended maintenance intervals for motor and complete drive system are a direct result of new AC technology.


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