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Frustration, irritation, and the weight of costly delays: these feelings are all to real when a vital piece of machinery won't start. Hopefully, you never face this situation, but it is best to be prepared. In case you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret, as there may be a simple solution: 

  • Check the Battery 

    In some cases, a dead battery is the source of the problem. This can happen if the lift is left on overnight, the battery fails, or the terminal is too weak. To avoid these problems, check the terminal and battery before and after every use. 

  • Check the Emergency Power Shutoff Button

    Operators engage the emergency power button as a safety precaution when done using a lift, or it could have been accidentally pressed. The the solution could be as easy as releasing the shutoff button. 

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  • Is It Cold?

    When a forklift’s mechanical functions are subjected to the cold weather or environments such as a freezer, the operation may be affected. You may have to give a forklift battery time to warm up before it can work correctly.


    If an error warning shows on the dash display, a diagnostic test will have to be performed. While this test will have to be completed by a technician, knowing the codes speed up the process.

It still won't start!

If these possible solutions yield no results, then it’s time to bring in the big guns and call Norlift for a technician’s assistance. Whether we send a tech to your location, or you need to send your lift into our fully stocked shop, we can determine the problem at hand and get it fixed.

For any long term repairs, our rental department is here to help until your regular lift is in working condition.