Make Your Battery Last

Forklift batteries are expensive to replace and are often replaced too soon due to improper care and maintenance. Whether new or used, a forklift battery has a projected finite lifespan. If you purchase new, the battery life is approximately 1,500 cycles (up to five years of 300 working days per year). To maximize battery life, use the three maintenance steps summarized into charging, cleaning, and care. 


Recharge you batteries the correct way. If your battery sits uncharged for extended periods of time, it will accumulate hard sulfation and lose charge capacity more quickly over the long run. 

Know when to charge. The ideal time to charge is while the battery is low. Keep the battery charging until it reaches full charge. A full charge should be performed every night (daily). 


A hard working battery is bound to get dirty. Remember to clean the top of each battery with battery cleaner or warm water on a monthly basis. By cleaning regularly, you will prevent corrosion, voltage tracking, and faster self-discharge. 


The water level in each cell should cover the lead plates. Check the water level every ten charges and top off accordingly for the first few years. Reconditioned, used, and older batteries should be checked every five charges. Make sure to add water only when the battery reaches a full charge. 

Do not overfill the battery with water. Make sure to water each cell individually until the perforated element protector is covered with approximately 1/4" of water. Or you can invest in a battery watering system to help manage water levels.