The Oregon Wine Symposium offers attendees a rich menu of seminars and speakers on topics of vital interest to all segments of the Oregon wine industry, from business and marketing to viticulture and enology. Whether exhibiting and or attending, this event allows companies to learn, connect with each other, and grow together as a whole.

The annual event is held at the Oregon Convention Center and provides a gathering place for the wine industry, showcasing exhibitors ranging from glass, cork, and barrel suppliers to the architects who design the warehouses and tasting rooms. 

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Norlift exhibited for the first time at the 2018 Oregon Wine Symposium as forklifts are widely used in the processing side of a winery. Fruit is delivered in 1,000 lb bins which a forklift lifts and then rotates or dumps into a grape press. To process high volumes of grapes, it is vital to have reliable forklifts doing the work.

Oregon wineries tend to have seasonal needs, and renting can be a great option. Taking this route, a winery can avoid negative effects of having a forklift sit unused for long periods of time.

As many wineries in the region share seasonal harvest schedules, planning ahead and requesting rentals sooner rather than later helps guarantee that forklifts and other equipment will be available during the busy season.

Additionally, rental attachments are limited, so some wineries purchase the attachments and fit them to rental forklifts as needed.

Norlift has been a long time partner of winemakers in Oregon, and we are excited to support the wine making process as the industry grows.


Norlift now offers a double bin dumper, allowing wineries to increase productivity twofold.

For rentals and attachments, call (503) 659-5438 or send an inquiry by clicking the button.

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