Learn, Connect, Grow – The Oregon Wine Symposium allows people throughout the industry to come together as a community. With over one hundred and eighty exhibitors and over seventeen hundred industry professionals, this symposium is a hub for all that is going on and what’s to come in the wine industry. Whether you attend for the vast wealth of knowledge and connections, or for the samples and wine based swag, this event has a lot to offer.


Forklifts are an important tool in the wine making process, and the attachments that go with the forklifts can make a all the difference. Dedicated to providing faster, stronger, and more reliable products, Clerf Equipment has become a popular choice for handling a busy season of making wine. From dumping bins of grapes, stacking wine barrels, and moving pallets of retail ready wine, forklifts and their attachments are here to support the wine industry.


Here at Norlift, we’re ready to help. Our well trained staff is happy to help you determine which equipment would best suit your needs. And if you already know what you’re looking for, we are happy to reserve your equipment to ensure you’re ready.


If your company is growing and in need of more material handling support, Norlift is here to help. With options to rent or purchase, we can help your company get through the busy season. Because the wine industry generally gets busy at the same time throughout the Northwest, if you choose to rent, it is a good idea to be proactive. Take the time to determine what you will need now, and call today to reserve your seasonal rental equipment. By having the right equipment, your company can grow and flourish without hassle.


When you’re in the middle of crush, having the proper tools alleviates some of the stress. Whether your company needs a single forklift, or a whole fleet, Norlift is proud to support the wine industry.