Simple Steps To Improve Workflow

We want to share easy to implement steps to improve warehouse efficiency. 

1.  Schedule planned maintenance on your forklifts within the recommended intervals to keep your equipment running smoothly and save yourself from costly and easy-to-avoid repair bills.

2.  Complete a pre-operation checklist daily. These checks reduce downtime, reduce risk, are required by OSHA, and increase productivity over the long term. 

3.  Don't wait on repairs! Request service when necessary. Delaying the repairs may lead to safety hazards. 

4.  Avoid dragging the forks while operating. This causes unnecessary wear and tear and as hurts fuel economy. Lift the forks just clear off the ground while the machine is in use.


5.  Once a week, use an air compressor to blow out loose debris from within the truck. Take extra time in the radiator. If debris builds up, the likelihood of overheating greatly increases. 

6.  Obtain the proper training and certification for all forklift operators.

7.  Check tire wear. If a forklift operates on a repetitive daily route, the tires may show pre-mature wear on one side. As this progresses, the tires need replacing sooner. To avoid this, rotate similar forklifts across warehouse routes at your facility. 

8.  Take care of your forklift battery. Check out this blog for tips on how to extend battery life.

forklift-835340_1280 (1).jpg

9.  Evaluate inventory SKU storage. It doesn't make sense to have quick moving items in the back of the warehouse or inconveniently behind other slower moving products. A well thought out inventory storage systems saves productive time. 
Check for warehouse integrity. Cracks and leaks can drastically change heating and cooling costs. Avoid water damage by identifying leaks early. 

10.  Lighting a large warehouse is costly. If possible, install skylights and windows to bring in natural lighting, lowering electrical costs. 

11.  Ask for employee feedback. The people who work in the warehouse know what isn't working. Give employees a voice and stay on alert for potential areas of improvement in your warehouse. 

By implementing these steps, your company can run a more efficient warehouse. It doesn't take long to step back and evaluate and improve warehouse productivity. 


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