Model: Series 1131 MT12
Capacity: 2,600 lbs


The MT12 features an effective parking brake to hold the truck on slopes or on truck tail lifts. A robust metal bumper protects the drive unit and components, while the low-profile chassis still allows dockboard use. A long, low-mounted tiller arm places the operator at a comfortable working distance from the truck.


The MT12 has been specially designed for low-hour applications in small retail stores, production lines, warehouses or goods transport sectors. Thanks to its powered traction and lift, the operator's physical input is minimized. Equipped with a 0.65 kW drive motor, the MT12 offers a highly cost-effective and productive solution for short distance transfer of loads up to 2,600 lbs. Its compactness guarantees maximum maneuverability when operating inside trucks or confined spaces.

operator comfort

The compact and exchangeable Li-ION batteries allows opportunity charging via the external charger at any convenient power point for optimum uptime. All controls are located on the ergonomic tiller arm. The dual butterfly levers for traction and the lifting function can be easily operated by either hand to ensure precise operation.


The durable drive unit of the MT12 delivers consistent high performance and reliability. The robust chassis has a reinforced fork structure for efficient handling of loads up to 2,600 lbs. The automatic lift stop at maximum lift height improved the quality and durability of components, protects the pump unit and reduces noise.


The DC drive motor optimzes uptime between routine service periods and reduces service costs, while a reliable, energy-efficient controller delivers smooth handling performance. All truck data is immediately and easily accessible to the service engineer via the CAN-bus architecture.


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