Model: Series 1133 MT15
Capacity: 3,300 lbs


The powered traction and lift of the MT15 minimizes the operator’s physical input and provides a highly productive and strain-free working environment. It is equipped with an electromagnetic failsafe and a parking brake. A robust metal bumper protects the drive unit and components, while the low profile still allows dock board use. The long, low-mounted tiller arm places the operator at a comfortable working distance from the truck.


With a load capacity of 3300 lbs. the MT15 offers a highly cost-effective and productive solution for short distance transfer duties. The rugged drive unit offers consistent reliability and performance. The 85Ah longlife battery is maintenance-free and to extend battery life has automatic discharge protection, which cuts the lift function when the battery reaches the 80% discharge level.

operator comfort

The dual butterfly control levers on the ergonomic tiller head ensure precision traction control with either hand. The truck is very maneuverable when operating in trucks or confined spaces. A built-in charger enables opportunity charging at any convenient power point for optimum uptime.


High tensile strength, 1” thick, solid steel tie bars are the main component of the lifting system. These bars connect load-wheel and lifting brackets, lasting for the life of the truck without adjustment. Load-wheel shackles resting in a 7” wide bearing block are able to withstand impacts caused by rough surfaces, for maximum performance and durability.


The DC drive motor optimizes uptime ratios between routine service periods and reduces service costs, while a reliable, energy-efficient controller delivers smooth handling performance. The absence of a hydraulic lift system further reduces service costs.


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