Model: Series 1401 (H100 - H180)
Capacity: 22,000 – 40,000 lbs


Precise load control and maneuverability, even in constricted areas, are assured at all times. Centered and forward placement of the cab provides maximum through-the-mast visibility of fork tips and load. Generous use of glass panels, together with a curved windshield guarantees unsurpassed all around visibility. 


Linde trucks operate efficiently and gently, even when handling heavy loads. Thanks to the hydrostatic drive system the machine will accelerate and decelerate smoothly and without shift-shock, from slow pace to full speed and back. Time savings and performance will further increase with Linde Dual Pedal Travel Control and Linde Load Control. Without effort, the operator is able to maneuver truck and load smoothly and quickly in any application.


The floating operator cab is mounted on high density rubber bearings, isolating it from engine vibrations. Additionally, a high comfort hydraulic suspension seat further dampens any residual pulsation and shock due to operating surface conditions. In addition, fingertip hydraulic controls, built into an ergonomically optimized armrest, contribute to fatigue-free operation throughout the day. 


The exceptionally durable Linde hydrostatic drive system, together with an equally dependable Cummins diesel engine, provide unmatched reliability and performance. This proven power-pack combination will deliver long service life


The original Linde hydrostatic drive system operates without mechanical transmission, torque converter, clutch, differential and conventional brakes. The net effect: Low operating costs and increased productivity, a significant advantage especially in high cycle applications.


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