Model: Series 387 E20P - E35P
Capacity: 4,500 – 7,000 lbs


Excellent visibility of load and through the mast is a key element of forklift safety. This is accomplished via slim (narrow and deep) mast rails, made possible by the unique Linde top mounted tilt cylinders. This feature also allows for excellent mast stability due to a higher mounting point than conventional designs. The automatic brake system ensures immediate stopping anytime the driver leaves the seat.


Powerful dual drive motors allow fast travel speeds, but even more important, fast acceleration. The operational performance combined with unmatched lifting speeds; enable this truck series to operate in place of engine powered units. This unique drive motor arrangement lets the trucks negotiate railroad crossings, curbs, ramps or other obstacles with ease. High performance auxiliary hydraulic circuits make it possible to achieve peak productivity with even the most demanding attachments.


Consistent high levels of performance and efficiency, for extended periods of time, are only possible if the operator feels at ease with the machine. The ergonomic layout of all controls, adjustability of armrest and seat, Linde Load Control system and a “floating” cab provide the best possible operating environment and intuitive interface between truck and operator.


Reliability and durability are a Linde design objective. All components and assemblies are tested to meet rigorous longevity standards. During truck operation, dual electronic control circuits monitor all systems to ensure flawless performance. Sealed component housings and enclosures provide additional protection against the ingress of contaminants, abrasives and moisture.


Effective and efficient, the unique Linde energy management system ensures optimal performance and unmatched energy utilization. Uptime is achieved through the use of highly reliable components, a superb level of comfort for the driver and robust truck design features. 


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