Forklift 101 for Beginners

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PROVIDED AT YOUR FACILITY OR Every friday at norlift


This course begins with a 3.5 hour forklift certification class and is followed by driving and observing forklifts in a warehouse situation. Students have the option to experience 1 or 2 full hours of drive time on a forklift. Norlift recommends this course for beginners with less than 30 hours of drive time. 

If the classroom session occurs at Norlift, you may choose to have our trainer conduct the hands-on portion of the course at your facility.

Each operator receives a Certificate of Completion and an Operator ID Card upon passing a written test and practical evaluation.

This training is available in English, Spanish, or a combination of English/Spanish.


  • $199 per person (includes classroom session and 1 full hour of drive time)

  • $100 for an additional hour of drive time

  • Course held at Norlift every Friday at 8:00 AM

  • Course available at your facility for groups of 2 or more

  • Register online or call (503) 209-1021 to schedule