Coming Together to Showcase the Beauty of the Northwest

Oregon and Washington are well known for the abundance of beautiful natural greenery. The mixture of rain, sunshine, and moderate temperatures allow a great array of plants thrive. To show off the bounty of plants grown here, the Portland Farwest Show provides nurseries and greenhouses a chance to show off their favorites. Walking through the show, you will notice many types of exterior decor and gardening tools, but it is the flower displays that truly amaze. As cities continue to build upwards, the desire for creative planters and ways to display foliage are becoming more daring. From re-purposed tin roof pots to vertical gardens, the Northwest is all in. Indeed, it is far from ordinary!

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From amazingly tall Douglas Fir trees to the tiny green mosses sported on a rock, gardeners have projects of all sizes. When going through a park, viewers may witness how even the tiniest detail helps the entire ecosystem. It is good for planters to be aware of these details, especially as we rely more on man made environments. With all the construction, invasive species, and overall need to reconstruct the natural beauties around us, the Northwest has come to love its nurseries and greenhouses. Thanks to their hard work, we can have mature plants that are ready to grow as part of their environment from the get go. 

Lifting Expectations for all your Projects

On smaller scales, going the old fashioned way for gardening is the most fun. Getting to feel the cool dirt on your hands, placing the individual seeds or bulbs just where you want, and transplanting your work as the plants grow bigger make scale gardening is rewarding. While still enjoyable on a large scale, it is helpful to get a little assistance from machines. When moving a pallet of plants, dumping a ton of soil, or bringing in heavy decorations, a forklift can do wonders for the gardener's physical well being. Norlift may not be the first thing to come to mind when embarking on a gardening project, but if you're going big, than we can help. From renting day to day to purchasing equipment, we are here to help you lift, store, service, and more. 

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