Timber Processing in the Northwest


From the frame of a building, to sticky notes on a desk, timber products are everywhere. Due to the many applications, timber processing is a massive and ever changing industry. 

In late September 2016, Norlift joined Kalmar to host a booth at the third biennial Timber Processing and Energy Expo.

The expo show promoted a variety of equipment for the timber industry, a fraction of which included forklifts. Bringing together industry leaders from across the globe, this show displayed equipment and innovations pushing the timber industry into the future.

With 190 equipment and technology exhibitors, and over 60,000 square feet of floor space, this expo had a lot to offer. 


For most of the forklifts on display, the interior cab were inaccessible to the expo participants. However, the Kalmar forklifts had cab doors wide open, inviting passerby's to interact with the interior features from an operator's perspective. Sitting in a Kalmar makes it easy to see how user-friendly their machines are. From the adjustable arm rest with ergonomically fit controls, placing of speakers, increased visibility, to the shock absorbing seats, Kalmar keeps the operator in mind. The idea is that productive employee aren't fighting a twinge in their back or a spasm racing down their arm.  Rather, they should be at ease while operating, no matter the length of their shift.

Operator First mentality

The timber industry puts forklifts and their operators to the test. They lift massive amounts, working around the clock. Because of this, companies should keep their employees in mind when they purchase a forklift. While a forklift's durability is a requirement, the operators' physical comfort is also important. Operators moving thousands of pounds of lumber or material need to be focused on the task, not distractions due to discomfort. As employers work to eliminate hazards, taking care of operators' comfort can mitigate distractions and danger.  For heavy duty jobs, and an operator first mentality, you can count on Kalmar.

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