Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Norlift has the opportunity to work with many diverse and wonderful companies, and we would like to highlight one in a customer spotlight: Galvanizers Company. We appreciate their business and want to share their story.

Galvanizers Company uses a bath of molten zinc, which metallurgically reacts to the iron in steel, to significantly prolong the life of steel through corrosion protection. This hot-dip galvanizing process protects against the natural decay and rust that steel materials face. 

As Oregon and SW Washington's economies and populations grow, the local industries are keeping pace using massive amounts of heavy steel. To meet demand, Galvanizers Company relies on Linde forklifts due to their ability to handle heavy and demanding lifting requirements while providing operational up-time. Linde forklifts achieve this using a hydrostatic drive system which eliminates transmission and break repair common with conventional forklifts.   

Galvanizers invited Norlift for a tour, and we snapped a few photos.  While on-site, we noted eight forklifts, a side loader and two burden carrier operating throughout their busy facilities.

Steel in a wide variety of shapes and sizes can be galvanized for protection against corrosion. For example, most of Portland's light rail system, freeway signs, traffic signal poles, and area highway safety rails have been coated at Galvanizers Company. As an independent job shop, they pride themselves in meeting client demands for product quality and personal service, no matter how large or small the project may be. They play an important part in expanding the Northwest  by providing a process with the following benefits:

  • protecting steel from corrosion
  • increasing durability
  • allowing for maintenance free longevity
  • promoting environmental sustainability

Founded in 1941, Galvanizers Company works with all shapes and sizes of steel. While their larger projects physically require the use of Linde forklifts to handle the heavy loads, the forklifts also increase efficiency with the smaller jobs. From start to finish, forklifts assist in the galvanizing process. Norlift's relationship with Galvanizers Company spans back to 1992, and we thank them for being one of our longest standing rental customers! 

Contact Galvanizers Company at (503) 227-5611.

To see some of their previous work go to the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) website, and use the 'Galvanizer' filter to select 'Galvanizers Company'. We have included a few of our favorites below. 

Whether you are a resident of the Northwest, or are just visiting, you have probably seen at least one of their projects highlighted on the AGA website. Visit them today at the address below to protect the lifespan of your steel.


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