Saturday, 8/13/2016, the sun is high and the stakes are higher. Norlifts Assistant Parts Manager, Tim Pryse, steps up to the tee. The sun beats down on him as he stares down the course at the challenging 142 yards, par three, hole three of Greenback Course at Heron Lakes. Nothing fills the distance between the tee box and the green but water. To make matters worse, the green is surrounded by four bunkers. Tim addresses the ball, and the ball soars across the course. With the sun shinning, the ball begins to descend, a hush falls over the crowd as they wonder if it will happen. The ball goes straight into the hole, granting Tim a hole in one, only the second Tim has achieved in his young life. 

Due to this amazing feat, Tim has thus been awarded a glorious eight day, seven night stay in Mexico. Tim awaits the approval for his time off, all while he replays this miraculous shot in his head over and over again. 

On a side note, Danny Hennessy, Norlift's Ottawa Sales Specialist, birdied that same hole. He managed to land the ball onto the green, and with a really, really long, yet perfect putt, the ball plopped into the hole. Sadly, due to the miracle that was Tim's shot, Danny's was over looked, leaving him in the shadows of the truly perfect shot. Due to his efforts, Danny won a nice little pity party, to be celebrated whenever he recalls his coworkers lack of excitement over his birdie.