Stay on Top of Tire Wear

Forklifts are built to do the heavy lifting, and all that weight rests upon the tires. Forklifts carry thousands of pounds over the drive tires (approximately 7 times more than over the steer tires), and tires that are worn or low can cause significant safety hazards. One reason for this is that tire wear does not happen evenly, which creates instability. Further, damaged tires create greater vibration, which results in driver fatigue, and stress on the machine. Additionally, worn out tires can drive an increase in fuel and maintenance costs.

For a reminder on when to replace forklift tires, please refer to the article Replacing Forklift Tires


Impact of Tire Wear

Operating on tires that should be replaced can cause:

  1. Fatigue and job stress - Operators who use a forklift with chunked, worn or flat spotted tires have increased fatigue and job stress, possibly making them less careful and productive.

  2. Stability issues - The kingpin is subjected to excessive stresses from shocks and uneven operation. This can cause potential stability issues.

  3. Engines and transmission leak - Decreased ground clearances subject the truck to more damage to assemblies underneath. Having little to no cushion from worn forklift tires may result in impacts that loosen hardware on the unit causing engines and transmissions to leak.

  4. Air tire blowing - Air tires risk blowing out, which can cause a tip over or lost load.

  5. Facility damage - The floors in your facility can experience damage due to bad forklift tires.

  6. Accelerated fork heel wear - Fork heel wear is accelerated as it becomes easier for an operator to drag the forks.

  7. Loads can be compromised - Loads can be compromised by the constant jarring and rocking, leading to damaged product and safety issues such as an upset forklift load falling on an employee.

To avoid the potential problems listed above, check your tires thoroughly during pre-operation equipment checks. If the tires need to be replaced, act while it's top of mind and call Norlift for new CAMSO tires.

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