Since opening in 1985, Norlift employees began training. From wearing the proper protective gear while working with forklift batteries to picking up ice and spills in the break room, our employees work safely. To recognize the safe practices around the office, safety football was born. Last October, seven teams started the season all with the hopes of making it to the first ever Safety Super Bowl.

Teams competed by reporting safe and unsafe practices observed around the office. Each safe action would gain the team yards, helping them to score field goals or touchdowns. However, if a safety precaution was not taken, the employees' team would lose yards. The two teams with the most points at the end of the game (four months later) went on to compete for the coveted bragging rights and glory! 

Through safe practices, the "Gabelstaplers" and the imaginatively named "Team 5" earned berths into the Safety Super Bowl. To determine the winner, the teams' football skills were then put to the test. 



As the sun rose on the day of the big game, players from each of the contending teams were reportedly spotted throwing around the pigskins, hoping to gain an advantage in the upcoming competition. And as the work day began, arms soon became anxious.

The playing field consisted of three forklifts, each lifting a MAXAM tire at differing heights and distances from the central throwing area. Each player had three opportunities to throw the football through the tires to score points.


The fight for glory

At one o'clock, both teams emerged from the office, ready for kickoff. The event was tense and filled with light-hearted heckling. With one player left per side, Team 5 held a ten point lead. However, the Gabelstaplers  were not going down without a fight. Their final player, Tim Voynov, had to successfully make more throws than any other player had thus far to mount a Super Bowl comeback. The game rested in his hands...

To the dismay of Team 5, Tim rose to the occasion and carried the Gabelstaplers to victory!

While the Gablestaplers won Super Bowl I, the Norlift team continue to practice safety year round.