Forklift Accident

Last month, a forklift in Cornelius, OR tipped over while loading a row tiller onto a trailer. The forklift had high centered on a ramp before falling and trapping a bystander's leg underneath it. Workers used a second forklift to lift the downed forklift and free the trapped person. The person was hospitalized with a severely injured leg at a Portland trauma hospital.

Norlift hopes the injured person is doing well and makes a full recovery. We pride ourselves on a safety first mentality when using heavy industrial equipment. 

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OSHA calls out powered industrial trucks as the sixth most frequently cited standard, with over 2,800 citations in 2016. Each year, thousands of injuries related to powered industrial trucks (particularly forklifts) occur. Many employees are injured when one drives a lift truck off of a loading dock or when they fall between docks and unsecured trailers. Other common injuries involve employees being struck by lift trucks or falling from elevated pallets. 

Forklift operators should obtain training and certification to avoid dangerous incidents such as this. Understanding and carefully following OSHA safety regulations helps to significantly increase workplace safety. Norlift offers numerous operator training courses to keep your faculties safe. Our classes are available either at your facility or every Friday at Norlift's location. 

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